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1813358922671Commons:Deletion requests/File:Sophie Scholl in custody of the Gestapo in…
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1124819819819Commons:Deletion requests/File:Aomori City Emblem.svg
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11147792729 kCommons:Koninklijke Bibliotheek
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10227307381.9 kCommons:Deletion requests/File:Dapoorie viaduct bombay1855.jpg
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1023670670916Commons:Deletion requests/File:Fotos teheran 43 Alexandr Alov Vladmir Nau…
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9446456455.4 kCommons:Featured picture candidates/File:2017.07.10.-02-Wendisch Rietz--K…
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9223743744.8 kCommons:Featured picture candidates/File:San Francisco Columbarium Interi…
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8224864864.6 kCommons:Featured picture candidates/File:View from Mirador El Time - La P…
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7342 k2 k2 kCommons:Valued image candidates/Beaux-Arts de Carcassonne - Paysage - Jea…
722782782782Commons:Deletion requests/File:Imam Reza shrine bomb explosion - 20 June …
7233793911.4 kCommons:Valued image candidates/Martin Luther King, Jr..jpg
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7131.1 k1.1 k1.1 kCommons:Valued image candidates/Øresund Bridge from the air in September …
72304722.2 kCommons:Featured video candidates/File:Solis Viaduct, Schinschlucht and S…
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